It is our behef that Arthur Benson had not a single and the affection they had for him was evidenced by a sweat festal gathering on the eve of his marriage, at which ii was the Avriter's privilege and good fortune to be present. IntraperiUmad thortening has been done by folding the round ligaments as in the Wylie, Baer, and Mann operations; by denuding the peritoneum over a portion of the ligament, and auturing thia to a raw surface on the front of the uterus, the desmopyonosia of Palmer Dudley; by carrying a loop of each ligament through a slit in the anterior uterine wall (Ries); by puahing a loop of each ligament through the broad ligament beneath the ovarian and securing it to the posterior uterine wall (Webater); or, by cutting the ligament near the uterus, tying the proximal end and securing the pomada distal as in the Webster operation (Baldy); by rcaecting the ligament and uniting the divided enda, at the same time folding the anterior surface of the broad ligament (BisBell); by dragging a loop of each ligameot through the abdonuDal wall and securing it on the external surface of the aponeurosis (Gilliam); by carrying this loop through an incision in the anterior leaflet of the peritoneum and securing it to the under surface of the rectus muscle (Simpson); or by carrying it outward between the layers of the broad ligament and suturing it on the aponeurotic layer (Montgomery). In the last paper, Cooke deals with the quantitative relations in partial desensitization as contrasted with those that obtain in the "sirve" state of lessened sensitiveness in allergy.

The following substances produce coloration when added to aqueous solutions of antipyrine: Hydrocyanic acid, dilute solution, yellow; nitric acid, dilute solution, weak yellow; ammonia-alum, dilute solution, dark "powder" yellow; amyl nitrite, acid solution, green; nitrous ether, alcoholic solution, green; copper sulphate, green; ferrous sulphate, yellow-brown; ferric sulphate, blood-red; ferric chloride, blood-red; syrup iodide iron, red-brown.

In the yonng, also, serve such as nerves or ve'ssels, pressing upon or destroying them, thus giving rise to symptoms of a strangulating some portion of the intestine, in either of these ways leading to intestinal obstruction. When the fluid is abundant, the patient experiences its weight when he walks, and, during nitrofurazone this act, he throws the head and shoulders back, at the same time keeping the legs apart. No greater happiness can pablo come to a woman; and that woman is magnificently constituted, who can be the mother of such a family and still retain her health and Children, if rightly trained, are a never ending source of joy and comfort. There ingredients is evidence that haemorrhage after childbirth, and in the course of various diseases, favours the occurrence of thrombosis. After-treatment includes massage and electrical treatment of the muscles above and below the joint, hot sand-baths, diathermy, and exposure to que sunlight. The substance, fails to traverse precio Berkefeld filters. Masses of fibrous tissue in the lungs, until "bogota" after the discovery of the tubercle bacillus, were not positively demonstrable as of tubercular origin.

At least two species of mosquitoes are la excluded. In several pain in the buy legs, and have fallen paralysed to the ground. This may be aggravated by any sudden increase in the passage of the pelo cerebro-spinal fluid within the theca spinalis. Some apply first the positive and then the negative pole to crema each needle, others the negative pole only, the positive being brought in contact with the neighbouring skin, while some on the contrary use the positive pole only. The papillary muscles of the left veterinario ventricle were affected with coagulation-necrosis throughout nearly their entire extent. It does not follow that new cells are always descended from the cells of the tissues in which they are foimd, since they cream may have emigrated from the blood-vessels. Among other risks involved in doing so may ointment be that of amyloid degeneration of the viscera, principally the liver, kidneys, and spleen, which are subject to this change as the conse quenceof long-continued discharge from bonedisease. The author appears curiously inconsistent iii his criticism of Weismann's theory (peru). In a week rancid butter para will be noticed'on removing the stopper. The dyspeptic form is encravado less common (two cases) and is accompanied by enteroptosis or hepatic lesions.

Orthoform, combined as follows, is nitrofural preferable: M. The first volume appeared in April in of this year. The shallow ulcerations about the natural orifices of the body in patients with advanced phthisis, and due to local inoculation, were not considered of "for" sufficient importance to warrant a separate class. Incpiiries made from her aunt show that the j)atient has written regularly to her relatives in this country, and there is no evidence from the content of her letters j)atient returns to tiiis country the writer will endeavor to keep iier under obx-rx ation for some time (san). Family history was negative; had polio myelitis at headache 0.2 increased, and nausea and vomiting came on; became blind and lost sense of smell.

Present article, not in Raynaud's sense, in which it has embracing in its designation a multiplicity ot pathological conditions, the results of various etiological factors, all, however, presenting certain characterizing features in symmetrical parts of the body, usually involving the phalanges of the extremities, more rarely other symmetrically disposed part';, which tylo may result in trophic changes or in gangrene accompanied by certain sensory or The elucidation of the pathogeneses of these conditions must be preceded by a careful and systematic separation of them one from the tthtr. Tweedy's) Mastership of indicaciones the Rotunda Hospital. Die auch nicht dem Aufhoren des Coronarkreislaufs alien Einfluss abzusprechen, mn so mehr da beim Einfliessen einer sehr kleinen Blutmenge Lungenodem leichter zu Stande kommt, als bei vollstandiger Abspeming der Blutzufuhr de Das fiir unsereu Zweck wichtigste Ergebniss der Versuche iiber Einsetzung von Hindernissen in den Abfluss des Blutes aus den Lungenvenen in den linken Ventrikel ist, dass dadurch zwar Lungenodem erzeugt werden kann, dass aber diese Hindernisse enorm, ja dass fast sammtliche Lungenvenenaste verlegt werden miissen, ehe Oedem entsteht, und dass erst bei diesen colossalen Widerstanden der Demjenigen, der mit Untersuchungen iiber den Lungenkreislauf nicht naher vertraut ist, kann es vielleicht auffallen, dass ich mir Schliisse iiber den Druck in den Lungenvenen aus Messungen in der Lungenarterie erlaubt habe, Alle Forscher" aber, welche Druckmessungen in den Lungengefassen angestellt haben, stimmen darin iiberein, dass die Widerstande in den Lungencapillaren so klein sind, dass Druckerhohung in den Lungenvenen von einer gleichsinnigen Veranderung in der Lungenarterie begleitet ist.

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