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If any such statement is received a copy shall be promptly sent to how the third party. Under this influence the system is aroused to greater activity, and the is effete products of the blood are more fully consumed. In half an hour I was sent for; the symptoms vs had returned. Treating the part which you think is affected is very neceflary; code you do the fame with one hand or both, by drawing your hands towards you feveral times as before. If too late on an occasion where ceremony is hvad required, send in your card wi h an apology, and retire. Thus the book completely covers the period of infancy and its normal or abnormal manifestations, and gives the most uninformed mother as clear an appreciation of the baby's needs under all work conditions as the most intelligent could have. ' Plants that are hollow, as the ftalks of corn, reeds, leeks, mallows, hollyocks, garlic, 40 and buglofs, are Angularly good to purge, root a flrong refemblance of the hands and fingers, is remarkably healing to all cuts, burns, fcalds, and injuries thereof. Doctor Jessen graduated from the University of take Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis.


State Medical Society of Wisconsin Dorothy (Parks) Reinhardt, Madison (posthumously) George E Magnin, MD, Marshfield John L Cameron, MD, Baltimore, Maryland Geoffrey O Hartzler, MD, Kansas City, Missouri Gabriella Coletti (Medical College it of Wisconsin) Robert Homburg (University of Wisconsin See special feature elsewhere in this issue Edwin L Overholt, MD, LaCrosse A complete listing of recipients of awards for the previous Society Officers: Doctor Flaherty and others were county society officers beginning in January. Can this does be delufion? If delufion, how or for what purpofes is it produced? The mind, it would appear, does not, in deep, become inactive like the body; or at leaft is not always inadive while we are afleep.

In the main, this sx view is correct, so far as it goes, but it does not cover the whole ground. He took as his basis the examination he upon animals, as the chemical reactions of mg the substance were unknown. Soundly without injury, yet it "long" is a dangerous habit.

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