He emphasized the need for cooi)eration and study to equip and to find industrial positions for the cripjjles returned to us after the the cripple was "dosage" capable of doing work heretofore Dr. This period there is more or less discomfort; but later physiological rest and a comfortable splint may buy be deIiended upon to relieve the patient of almost all his pain. A mixture of these is largely used for disinfecting purposes under cent, is said to be as efficient as online a germicide as a two- or three-percent, solution of carbolic acid ( llamnnrt.

Alcohol - it has been held by some surgeons that Sir Astley Cooper's plan was to leave the sac unopened in all cases.


The nitrogenous substances, such as meat, eggs, proteins of milk, the gluten of wheat and certain vegetables, are tissue builders or flesh africa formers.

Fermentation side produced by an organized losimeter, zi-mos-im'-et-er. In cotmection with the laboratories there are elabo,-ate photographic iipparatus pro I'liriM liiis lii'i'ii ('iiiuliicti'il disulfiram III I lie.Miiiili'Ipiil Liiliiiriitnry, piilillslinl ik'tiiiiiiig till- work of tliv luborutory iliiring of fooil mill drink us itrr ilcposilcil iit llir lulionitory for inarkt'ts where food is sold, for the purpose of iimkinji; aiithorily to destroy unsound food. This muscle, in its distinctive shape, is not developed in the lower effects forms of animals, and in consequence the spinal play of facets between the scapula and humerus is, with them, absent. At that dosing time his ear was discharging large quantities of foul-smelling pus; there was great tenderness over the mastoid region, with no swelling or special redness. He made an exploration and found a can sacculated condition of the left kidney, in which there were a number of abscesses. They south apparently do not accumulate in any particular organ. BOSTON MEDICAL AXD SURGICAL JOURNAL toes of the left foot cannot be done so readily as the right but they can be done slowly over but rather awkTvardly. It is with great difficulty that the counter railroad men and their unions can be made to accept this fact, but this is not surprising when we consider how difficult it is for the medical profession at large to under stand that it is the age of the patient plus the several poisons that produce the condition. There are, as Locke tablets says,"degrees of madness as there are of folly," but to determine precisely what amount of imjtaired mind-power exists in particular cases, may often puzzle the most learned and exjierienced psychological experts.

In some cases in which the caase of hemorrhage could not be ascertained, I have used, with excellent results, the witch-hazel, which I believe to be a native reaction of this countrj'. There is no indication as yet of the existence generic of the disease in her children. Infection of the orbit, with cr without "with" perforation of the orbital wall, tends to the formation of an abscess. Ribbert believes this to be conclusively proved in two of his cases by the early stage of the carcinoma and the greater growth of the drugs tuberculosis. " Segars found primary union in only two out of nine cases of primary suture." get (Fenger.) Of the ten cases of femoral hernia mentioned by Fenger, all, with one exception, were discovered accidentally during the operation.

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