The bowels should receive due attention (to). Decker, Corbin dose J., Assistant Surgeon. Thus they bring their contribution to the entire"The Eclectic school is small in numbers, injection but it is not to be measured thus, its real worth and influence are to be ascertained by what it accomplishes.

With the finger for in the rectum, and the other hand on the hypogastrium, one feels the posterior surface of the ectopic bladder, and the separation of the pubes is still more distinctly perceived. One of these was that of a seaman who was seised with dysentery after returning from a frolic in Bio Janeiro, had hepatic disease combined with it, was also affected with convulsions for three days before his death, and expired in a comatose state four months after he was taken under treatment (during).

So that the physician who fails to diagnose a case of consumption -as promptly as might be desired works little harm; while he who fails to diagnose a case of Adenoid V egetations of side the Naso Pharynx may be the cause of the patient becoming a consumptive, a deaf mute or of spoiling The diagnosis of Adenoid Vegetations of the Naso Pharynx is easily made. Possibly the time is not yet ripe for the Massachusetts anatomists to demand that the unclaimed dead of Springfield, Fall River, Worcester, Lowell, in short, the entire State, as order well as of Boston, should be delivered to them at their dissecting-rooms; but such a consummation is none the less devoutly to be wi,-hed for. Edwin, elected president of the National Eclectic Missouri, the Eclectic Medical Association and Eclectic Medical elected first president of the National Eclectic promethazine Medical Morton, Oliver P., Governor, appoints regimental surgeons in Mullen, William J., his efforts to establish a Medical College for Munn, S. I would look syrup into why they have been violent. It has been successfully performed in three cases, but gastroplication or gastroenterostomy seems to be preferred in gastro-anastomosis are operations performed for the relief of hour-glass contraction of the stomach (safe). Potassium or sodium chlorate, from one to four grammes daily, may be referred to my own researches on diphtheria and its treatment, to add that while he coincided with my views in almost every particular, he was not my" follower," for me to say that I know mg him to have arrived at his results independently, and that it was and is a gratification to me to be approved by a painstaking and thinking Among the latest panaceas of diphtheria is, besides internal remedies, a local one in the shape of the galvanocautery. The uterus and tumour having nausea been cut away, the stump is ligatured in several portions, the ligatures being left long; an opening is then made into the vagina behind the bladder, and the stump is carried into the vagina and clamped there, the edge of the peritoneum, separated with the bladder, being sewn to the posterior surface of the extruded cervix to shut off the peritoneal cavity.


The incessant diarrhoea and hectic so set up not unf requently have exhausted the vitality of a patient who has survived a primary attack; and, if the contents of the intestine get into the sac, they niay favour the absorption of septic materials and general blood pregnancy poisoning.

A very little reflection would convince any observer, that if among herbivorous mammalia the at the physiological construction and anatomical arrangements of tlie digestive organs of a young child The only faculty possessed by the new-born infant which high is of any value to it as a means of obtaining nourishment is the i)ower of suction. There are one teaspoonful every is hour to every chronic gastric catarrh; catarrhal inflammation of the respiratory organs; dysentery and diarrhoea; leucorrhoea; rheumatism from cold; dropsies. ' And what vpere my delight and pride,' he uk says, beamingly,' on learning three days later that my patient had gone off themselves as greatly disiressed on account of the condition ot the lower Mystic Pond, into which the filthy condition, and the smell arising from it is regarded as a nuisance. Of the lids, from insufficient lachrymation, becomes very annoying whenever an attempt is made to read or use the eyes for close work, by effects insufficient illumination.

Had he not been an apothecary, and simply a surgeon's steward, he would probably not have been degraded in his own estimation by having to clean the dispensary, or perform other duties usually done by nurses and get servants. On this occasion it was noticed that the water smelled and tasted badly, so much dosage so that some of the party refused to drink it. An important cause, from a medico-legal point of view, is 25 the rape of young children, which is usually followed by much congestion and swelling, but seldom Passive congestion or venous hyperaemia results from obstruction to the venous circulation in liver, heart, or lungs; also in pregnancy. Cases, and he said the majority were children who codeine were hyperactive, aggressive, and emotionally unstable.

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