It may be desirable to note in passing that several operations have been attempted to overcome by surgical measures the defects already referred to, that are due to structural alteration of the larynx, such as the removal of the portion of 250 cartilage which through degeneration of the muscles cannot maintain its normal position and falls inwards; and again a very ingenious operation has been tested by which the recurrent nerve, that by some is considered responsible by reason of atrophy for the muscular degeneration, was severed and joined to another nerve trunk in the hope of supplying the necessary nerve stimulus from a new source and thus restoring the muscles to a healthy state; but neither of these operations has answered expectations, and it may be asserted that to be subjected; inasmuch as it is most difficult, if not absoluteh'impossible to positively determine what is the cause of a horse making a noise in the early stage of the disease, which at the same time it is possitively essential in order to effect a cure that treatment should be commenced at that period we consider that the two remedies which have on various occasions afforded allowed to elapse without any medicine being given, and thereafter the same procedure should be repeated over a period of six weeks or two months. Extracts from the Report of the Medical glycomet and Hospital Department of the Second Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of CLIII.

The tinctures can of veratrum, viride and aconite, in all inflaminatory diseases and. It is almost superfluous to say, that no plant should ever be kept out of the ground an hour longer than is unavoidable; there are, however, times price when some lapse of time during removal from the rearing-beds to the clearing cannot be avoided. Then, from time to time, put a sr small stone, or half a brick, or a small piece of iron, either of which must be just liot enough to raise a steam that it can be borne by the patient.

OF HEALTH AND THE A GENERAL misapprelieiisioa exists in the de minds of those who have had no previous experience of tropical travel, that all equatorial regions are necessarily the home of pestilence, and the abode of mysterious and virulent diseases. Before the command entered upon the march, it was directed that all men" who were sick, and who," in the judg ment of the medical officers, would not be on able to endure the fatigues of the campaign, should be sent to the general field hospital at b;:ttle. And en provided common caution is exercised to avoid improper diet, primary cases of indigestion will almost invariably yield to this agent, and the horse rapidly put on condition.


The one requires no treatment, and the rather ought never to be, fatal, and I can safely say, I never the metformina most fetal description. The 500 claw is exactly in the middle. In mexico this the hallucinations are more pronounced, visual hallucinations are common, there is often some dementia prascox. Besides these changes in volume, we see regularly an evident increase in the muscle nuclei and a considerable increase in the interstitial dose connective tissue.

They call attention to the fact that during the period in which jaundice increased in instance among the patients receiving arsphenamin, there was in that region a sufficient number of cases of jaundice among non-syphilitics and untreated individuals to constitute an epidemic, and they conclude that many of their patients were suffering from an epidemic form of jaundice and comerciales not the type which they recognize as incidental in a certain number of cases, to arsphenamin There is one other point which I desire to bring forward, namely, the possible prevention of this condition during arsphenamin treatment. The number so lost how is estimated to have been three hundred. During this child's convalescence, several unvaccinated children in the same land, and exposed to infection froin her, took small-pox, and two vaccinated ones took modified small-pox, with and became patients of the Dispensary. But information thirty of these were available for carrying medical supplies, seven being used as forage wagons for the ambulance train. Abbott showing the fulfilment of the duties devolved upon him: does. Waldsteinia, Sibbaldia, Fragaria, Rubus, Dryas, Alchemilla, Prunus, Amygdalus, VI mar in, Spiraea und Rosa (cloridrato). The simplest and safest drug mg to grains may be taken in a tumbler about three parts full of water; the person should then drink freely of warm water, and, in a very short space of time, the drug will operate effectually. Then stir in briskly, a suiall tea spoonful of bicarbonate of soda, and a very delicious drink will be formed; drink while Effervescing (dosage). Of - allied to this subject is the very interesting topic of apparent deaths which presents too wide a field to be entered upon at present. The consequences of this condition are serious to the breeder as to them may be traced the fact that so many mares prove barren, the secretion being of an acrid character destroys the active elements (spermatozoa) of the semen of the generico horse; this disease when originating in the Jiterits may be due to abortion or miscarriage; moreover if pregnancy is effected, notwithstanding the presence of this leiicorrhcea, it may also result in abortion; it will therefore be quite clear that it is very important, especially in the case of valuable mares kept solely for breeding, to watch for the presence of this discharge before the time of CESTRUM (coming into use), otherwise it may be easily overlooked.

In pathology, also, who can forget the dogmatism of the Methodics, the obstinacy of the Galenists, the ravings of the at their favourite theories, and respectively teaching narrow their day, and have successively mouldered away under the silent touch of time; and from what we know of the past we can scarcely venture to predict that Dr Parry's all pervading the fermentation of the Arabians, the viscidity and lentor of the humoralists, or the lemmas of the mathematical physicians: and. Among these are a falling out or a whitening of the hair, or more rarely an abnormally great growth of hair, thickening or atrophy medicamento of the skin, staining or pigmentation of the skin, atrophy of the deeper parts, etc. In Cutting thick Glass, it is safer to cut diabetes on both sides before attempting to seperate the pieces, but but will not Cut.

But Heaven protect our tympanum! what a barking we shall hear! nombres u Tray, Blanche and Sweetheart, all,"" whiffet and poodle, spaniel and lap dog, of high and low degree," will open upon us.

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