A group of diseases is caused by the nature of a man's calling, the daily occupation, as is particularly the case with workingmen. Given permission to manufacturer appoint an auxil ary committee. In the 80 last ten years the product of increase is probably more marked in America than in the older countries of Europe, because the necessity of replenishing the virgin soil was there reached long ago, while with us it is only begun. Persevering in his advoi ac y of this theory, however, he lived to see his propositions meet with widespread acceptance in the While it is probable that few diagnostic ians will be willing to accept his dictum that all rales have their on gin in the pleura; it is, as previously said, generally admitted that they may, and often is do, thus originate. Melanosarkom der effects Nasenscbleiinhaut mit Unter Delie. Aspirated left side in inderal third weeli of mononuclears. Purgatives are likewise classed, according to the degree of their effect, into laxatives acting mildly, and drastic purges, or cathartics, acting very severely (for). For price contagious and infectious diseases, at present unoccupied.

No doubt direct contagion does occur, but it is a rare exception; and sudden outbreaks of cholera are easily explained by assuming that large quantities of germs grow concealed and buy unsuspected outside the human organism, or that otherwise becoming diffused they have obtained access to a general source of infection, for instance the drinking in regard to the contagiousness or non-contagiousness of cholera, and to the best mode of preventing further outbreaks or diffusion of the disease. This state is often brought on by the too frequent use of cowdung-stopping in horses with soft frogs; and, instead of doing good by his treatment of the foot, the groom is really destroying it by encouraging the decomposition "generic" of the healthy defence which Nature has given to it. In examining a leg it is often only after careful manipulation in the flexed condition that a small bony tumor (of the size perhaps only of a garden pea) can be detected, but when once the finger presses upon it, the horse will almost invariably be found to flinch, and usually it will be thrown out just where the sheath of the tendon is attached: xl. During the second year the study of anatomy and physiology is continued, and in addition the student takes up bacteriology, laboratory diagnosis, operative surgery, pathology, materia medica, pharmacology, therapeutics, and hygiene. The ears are long, the tail and mane are scantily furnished with hair, and the feet are narrow (side).


The communication with the bowel could not be la discovered. In vs the same category may be mentioned Galton's whistle for the testing of the hearing of high notes. Advised him to continue the medicine and take largely of migraines mucilaginous drinks. This, for beginners, is mg certainly a great advantage. I think that we anxiety have pretty poor grounds to base a theory on. Its "cost" proper treatment should, therefore, not be neglected.

One of my patients had been out in India as a soldier, and had there suffered repeatedly from attacks of intermittent fever. He thinks that feeble traces of a toxin in the medium indicate that this toxin has diffused from the dead uses bodies of the bacteria.

He then there endeavored, by exciting the inspiratory act.

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