I have seen a shower bath over the abdomen have a good effect in producing contraction'and tonicity of sulfates the muscular coat of the bowels.

Of the role of the ductless glands in its causation: dexamethasone. Dr Gree, among sixty -three cases, observed no fewer than fifty-five between the months of February and June inclusive: can. By this method of treatment objectionable scars were avoided, "dose" lie had treated many other cases in the same way witli equally good results. He thought that no wound after an operation for tubercular joint disease should ever be closed with for sutures, except at the kuee, but packed witli gauze to the very bottom. In nearly all, cellulitis was present; in some peritonitis and in a few asthma inflammation of the lung or pleura.


All had gone well during the following ten days, but then it was found tliat the intestinal sutures had given way at the point just mentioned, and an opening into the gnt which barely admitted a probe was the result polymyxin of this.

Side - the following plates show the best results of duplications in very many cords experimented with. The first effect was "injection" the lessening of the frecpiency of the cough and the quantity of expectoration. He completely recovered, resumed his former occupation, and remained well until he took the fever a week drops before his death. There is no need of describing at length ophthalmic the great effects produced on the organization of man by castration, wben it is made before the adult age. Pregnancy - but in other cases there is an excess of fluid beneath the arachnoid, and the pia mater can then be removed even more easily than from the healthy brain. It is in the direction of Health of Towns Acts, in the removal of nuisances, and in the care of the poor no less than in the sanitary care of the rich, that an Association like our own can do so much, by promulgating correct knowledge, by urging on dosage the dilatory, by supporting the weak, by attacking the prejudiced, and by throwing its aegis over those who are ridden over and trampled down by the ignorant and the overbearing. This method of treatment has, however, been tried at Gruy's by Dr Wilks and by Dr buy Moxon, but without success. One thing which would rather tend to show that the progressive muscular atrophy of childhood has no very close relation to the most common forms of wasting paralysis in adults is that it very often occurred in two or more brothers and sisters; but a curious circumstance ointment is that the father of the first two children in whom Duchenne recognised its peculiar characters was afterwards, at the age of forty-eight, attacked with a typical" Cruveilhier's paralysis" affecting first the shoulders and anns, but ultimately the lower limbs; he also stated that his father had died of a similar complaint. The iv third gestation took place five years ago. Per haps the urine had heen retained in the pOUCh, become alkaline, and thus lost its fatal effect upon the semen: in. Blurring of Images when iising Eyes for Near Worh; Luiiifficiency neomycin of the Interni; Mixed Astigmatism in is good and he himself in good health, llis asthenopic symptoms are marked. Remarks on the iron in a dogs number of cases, and found it admirable. Denison effects says:" The lessened tension of the air and the increased frequency of respiration force the blood to pass more quickly through the lung.s, and the rapid and perfect renewal of capillary circulation is opposed to the stages of early and chronic inflammation. Doctor Frauenthal, whose decadron name appeared in the list of those rescued by the Carpathia.

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