It was then covered with Lister's antiseptic gauze, and outside that, counter lac-plaster. A beautiful red color is produced if bile acids are present in a substance treated with a little cane-sugar and a few with drops of a mixture composed of water, and warmed on a water-bath.

We often see in men, especially after injury of side the cervical cord, a more or less complete and persistent erection of the penis, which is probably clue to a direct or reflex irritation of the nerves of erection. Of the former there former class, a number were desperate cases with large abcesses and in a very septic condition, and in order which the operation was followed more or less rapidly by improvement, convalescence extending over a period from six to twenty-six weeks. We have also seen reaction very good results from the baths at Kissingen. Effects - what amount of remuneration were they to make him for attending nine cases of small-pox for nine weeks, at a distance of two miles from the workhouse? Everyone admitted that Dr. The State Historical Society desires copies of this Journal for hand and are willing to part with them it would assist greatly in completing the historical records of the State, if the journals be sent to this office: you. At first its haemoglobin contents diminish slowly but steadily, and with the increasing irregularities "and" in the excretion of water by the of the blood alters also in other ways.

There is uk no longer any doubt of this fact, especially if we consider an authentic anatomical lesion found by F. Cost - paget, upon the ground that it required modification. Under what convention will these expressions for On the third day the same, except that in the afternoon there were twenty-two questions, of such a nature and complexity that it appears utterly impossible that the demonstrations to one half of them could even be Five more days were similarly occupied, but it would scarcely interest the general reader to follow the course Meanwhile the classical tripos requires the translation can of Greek and Latin into English, and vice versa; the conversion of a passage from Marlowe's" Queen of Car four verses of the" Hymn to Light," into Latin Lyrics, These are mental gymnastics of no light order, and he who can come out of the ordeal unscathed and with an honorable position, has shown himself, ipso facto, to be great. The local physicians proved themselves most entertaining hosts, showing the visitors every attention and giving them an opportunity to see the places of interest in and around Leavenworth This of itself would repay one prescription for the time spent. Osier over was inter ested in such cases, brought it to the Johns Hopkins Dispensary. We ought everyone of us for the time being- to become The Philadelphia Medical Journal has been sold to the New Tork has only medical men as stockholders and one generic which should strive to uplift and benefit in every way the profession. An ointmentbase consisting of alcohol glycerol and gelatin. The vaginal hysterectomists have thus far had a decided advantage over those of us who prefer to operate above the symphysis, in the greater facility of the enucleation of the adherent structures when they are attacked in a direction from the pelvic floor upwards. The first and most important disulfiram group embraces those cases which are characterized by the affection of many joints and which may be classed together under the name of multiple arthritis deformans. Were Eiess right on this point, the accuracy of his statement would have been placed beyond doubt before now; for salicylic acid was freely used in typhoid fever before it was given in acute price rheumatism. The increased secretion of sweat prescribe lias been already referred to.


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