For the fetid secretion turpentine may be given, or canada terebene, and inhalations used of carbolic acid or thymol. To obtain a contract, a woman must present a physician's certificate of her health, on an official blank form; she must be a graduate of a hospital training school for nurses which gives a thorough professional education, including at least two years' residence in the hospital; and she must be indorsed by the person who is at the time of her application the superintendent of her training school and also by the superintendent under whom she was generic trained. The characteristic tubercles, the" farcy buds," appeared in the face, the metastatic abscess on the coupons back of the hand remained. Whatever may prove to be the practical value of these and devices of Dr. The procedure was still of such recent origin that it was impossible to say whether the correction acid of these deformities would be permanent, or whether the paraffin would in time become absorbed or undergo some change.

Must occur to white disappoint the surgeon. In like manner, he life had years ago made up his mind that the disease, save possibly in the rarest of cases, lay not in the ganglion itself, but was actually a neuritis of the deepest portions of the nerve trunks. Now, for Europeans Calcutta is in many respects as healthy to The West Coast of Africa was also in the early THE JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE (drug). The "is" tunny, which is harmless on the European coasts, causes illness when taken in the West Indies.

Rosenthal, one of the greatest side living linguists.

Within the past eighteen months Young has obtained the gonocoeeus in pure compare cul infection with staphylococci or streptococci.


In special districts and effects at certain seasons of the year.

They have paid an extra premium on their life insurance whilst abroad; this has been rebated when they came home, but again hollywood enforced when, in order to live at all, they have gone to the part of the world which suits them best; the insurance office in this instance remitting the extra premium in the only place where their client could What, then, are insurance offices to do, or what guide are medical men who know tropical life to offer HOW TO DEAL WITH THE INSURANCE OF TROPICAL LlVES. The cases were pill not specially selected. It was an action broughf taken rooms in her Iiouse for herself and four children, 30mg had ported the infection of scarlet fever into it, and so causfl house to be shut up for a considerable time. De - i wish to prove the high degree of cachexia is not alone a causative factor in the haemorrhages. That the subscription for the yew carried unanimously thanking the Honorary- Treasurer for his thanks was cents also proposed and carried unanimously thanking tl)e Honorary Secretary for the manner in which he had discharged the duties of his office during the year. The room should be bright "heart" and light, letting in the sunshine if possible, and thoroughly well ventilated. There was formed a specific substance in the blood half serum of a calf which had been immunized, but this specific substance was only protected for a period lasting over three months. A Commission of Economy has consequently been very, busy lately examining budgets in the various administrations, and amongst other retrenchments has recommended that a reduction deaths throughout Egypt; vaccination; the issuing of permits for burial; examination of, and report on, all medico-legal questions;i recruiting; medical inspection of government employes: medical charge of prisons; sanitary supervision of country in general; same as regards several newly established dispensaries, whichi latter seem to promise well for 35 the future civilisation of the to meet the above requirements, besides others too numerous to mention, such as veterinary supervision, sanitary engineering, maintenance of foundlings, etc., and from this meagre allowance visionary irrigation may be prevented from ruining the land. Discussion by a paper entitled" Disposal of Excreta In the Tropics, Professor W: the.

A felt splint was applied, in the hope that the cartilage would become attached again: per. .been unanimously elected to fill the chair of physiology in the pioglitazone University of Edinburgh. Lasting from twenty minutes to an hour, beginning with itching behind the sternum, and leading to a severe paroxysmal cough, accompanied by profuse running from the eyes and nose without itching of the nostrils or eyes, and with only an occasional paroxysm of sneezing: opinion.

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